Chemistry instrumentation is a major part of the chemistry degree program.  Chemistry instruments aid in teaching students required research skills needed for them to succeed in their future academic or industrial careers.  However, many faculty are not trained in instrumentation outside of those used in their graduate studies.  Currently all instrumentation training is performed by other faculty members who are familiar with the instruments.  Limited faculty time, as well as heavy use of the instrumentation during the regular semester, makes this a challenge.  This faculty learning community (FLC) will arrange training sessions for interested faculty on the use, troubleshooting, and simple maintenance of major chemistry instrumentation; will write new or update the instruments standard operating procedures (SOPs) for these instruments; and develop ideas for more applications of these instruments in chemistry courses.  The expectation is that improved SOPs and faculty training on the use of major chemistry instrumentation will increase the number of faculty that can effectively use, troubleshoot, and maintain the instruments, as well as increase the application of these instruments in upper level chemistry courses.