Physical Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Physical chemistry is the study of matter at its most fundamental level. Physical chemistry research can range from the structure and behavior of a single molecule to the kinetics and thermodynamics of chemical reactions at a molecular level. These processes are often investigated through a combination of experiment and theory. Physical chemistry research thus utilizes both sophisticated chemical instrumentation and computational chemistry methods to fully understand chemical systems.

Dr. Chantelle Anfuso

Dr. Anfuso’s current research focuses on developing low-cost undergraduate experiments for physical chemistry courses, particularly in the field of spectroscopy.

Dr. Patrice Bell

Patrice Bell’s research interests include experimental physical chemistry, particularly laser spectroscopy of gas and condensed phase analytes, chemical education, science course curriculum development, and diversity and inclusion among Chemistry faculty in the U.S.

Dr. Ajay Mallia

Dr. Mallia’s group investigates the design and study of soft materials (gels, liquid crystals and polymers), pharmaceutically active molecules, green solvents/ionic liquids and in situ preparation and templating of metal nanoparticles.

Dr. Cynthia Woodbridge

Woodbridge’s research interests include materials chemistry, computational chemistry, polymer chemistry, and green chemistry. She is also interested in process education and specifications grading.