Materials Chemistry

Materials Chemistry

Materials chemistry involves the use of chemistry for the design and synthesis of materials.  The materials are often designed with potentially useful physical characteristics, that may include magnetic, optical, structural, or catalytic properties.

Dr. Ajay Mallia

Dr. Mallia’s research group investigates the design and study of soft materials (gels, liquid crystals and polymers), pharmaceutically active molecules, green solvents/ionic liquids and in situ preparation and templating of metal nanoparticles.

Dr. Simon Mwongela

Dr. Mwongela’s research interest includes developing undergraduate research projects in the area of lipid analysis and interaction of lipids with biomolecules, as well as analysis of pesticides or environmental pollutants using HPLC and GCMS or if /when available capillary electrophoresis.

Dr. Cynthia Woodbridge

Dr. Woodbridge’s research interests include materials chemistry, computational chemistry, polymer chemistry, and green chemistry.