Environmental / Green Chemistry

Environmental / Green Chemistry

Several faculty members at GGC participate in green or environmental chemistry research.  Environmental chemistry focuses on researching the effects of polluting chemicals on nature.  Green chemistry looks at the design of products and processes that minimize or eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances.  It focuses on the environmental impact of chemistry, including reducing consumption of nonrenewable resources and technological approaches for preventing pollution.

Dr. Wenlin Huang

Dr. Huang’s research interests focus on trace level compounds identification and quantitation using GC/MS and HPLC/MS in various matrices. Projects include GC/MS method development, LC/MS method development, pesticide analysis, and water quality.

Dr. Ajay Mallia

Dr. Mallia’s research group investigates on the design and study of soft materials (gels, liquid crystals and polymers), pharmaceutically active molecules, green solvents/ionic liquids and in situ preparation and templating of metal nanoparticles.

Dr. Michael Morton

Dr. Morton’s past and current interests include work in environmental-heavy metal monitoring.

Dr. Simon Mwongela

Dr. Mwongela’s research interest includes developing undergraduate research projects in the area of lipid analysis and interaction of lipids with biomolecules, as well as analysis of pesticides or environmental pollutants using HPLC and GCMS or if /when available capillary electrophoresis.

Dr. Kevin O’Halloran

Dr. O’Halloran’s research involves water sustainability. Milk is a very demanding product in terms of water and energy. Milk substitute products are an effective and sustainable solution that already enjoy broad market success. One current project involves improving the homogenization of fat in oat milk. Students may also propose and carry out alternate projects.

Dr. David Pursell

The Pursell Research Group uses techniques of biology, chemistry, and physics to investigate environmental topics impacting the GGC campus ecosystem. The group’s current project focuses on producing biofuel from waste oil and grease from the campus Chick-fil-A restaurant, characterizing the biofuel using state-of-the-art techniques, and analyzing combustion exhaust gasses from using the biofuel in our diesel generator.

Dr. Cynthia Woodbridge

Dr. Woodbridge’s research interests include materials chemistry, computational chemistry, polymer chemistry, and green chemistry.

Dr. Kathryn Zimmermann

Dr. Zimmermann is interested in applying analytical methods to making measurements of atmospheric gas-phase and particulate species. Current projects include: AFM analysis of sea spray aerosols collected from Skidaway Island; Passive sampling and measurement of PAHs in the metro-Atlanta region; and sampling and characterization of particulate biodiesel emissions.