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Meeting Minutes- Feb 8, 2019

FLC Meeting Minutes – College Algebra Learning Community


Friday, 2/8, 2-3 PM in L-1123.  Members in attendance: Stacy Jones, Janice Alves, Livy Uko, and MaryGeorge Whitney.

Next Meeting: Sometime in March after Spring Break.

  • Stacy will try to meet with Rickey about the Academic Commons next week.
  • George and Janice can attend the FLC meeting with Judy next Tuesday.
  • The Curriculum Map is our first priority, as we want to have that ready to go in August, 2019.  Stacy and Livy are on the alignment of topics committee as well, so Stacy will email George the proposal from that committee next Thursday when it is finalized, and George will update a file she already has created to reflect the required topics.  It will be an excel file with a table with each chapter, section, and objective that needs to be covered.  Hope to have a rough draft of this by the time we meet in March.
  • For the instructional materials, we do not want to recreate what is already available thru Pearson for the Blitzer textbook.  Blitzer has PowerPoints for each section, Mini Lecture Notes for each section, and a Learning Guide for each section.  What we want to do is utilize these and other resources to create our student friendly guided notes for each section in a word document that would have section definitions, formulas, procedures, helpful hints, notes, etc. and for each objective, a teacher example and student problem.  The teacher example will not be worked out, so the students are “taking notes” during this time, and the student problem will not be worked out as that is for them to do.  To this end, Stacy and Janice will create some sample guided notes for a section and bring those to talk about in March.  Janice – Section 3.1, Stacy – Section 3.2.  George will also bring a sample of her guided notes she already uses in her classes.  We will recommend the guided notes be posted for students, but individual professors can decide whether to print them for each class.
  • For in class activities, we will all bring an example of these to our meeting in March as well.  Livy is going to create a Jeopardy game for Chapter 1 as a review activity.  Janice already does a fun selfie with a parabola for section 3.1.  Stacy will look into if her Learning Catalytics are available to be copied by other professors.  George does a dot activity the students like.  At the next meeting we may start compiling an official list of activities by section.
  • For PowerPoints, we will just revamp/modify the MML PowerPoints to only cover the required topics, and clean them up as some of them are not the best.  We can discuss this more at the next meeting.


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