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Hydroponic Garden Update (June 18)

The plants have been transplanted in the hydroponic garden. We have had some minor issues we are working through.  Importantly, one of the pumps (the only one not housed inside a system) appears to have been tampered with and is no longer working. The knob that controls the air flow speed was turned until it broke. I am in the process of trying to locate another one and we are temporarily keeping the plants alive by making sure the water level stays high enough to reach the roots of the plant. So, in short, we turned the drip system into a soaker system (similar to the ebb and flow system). Hopefully this works until I get a new pump.

The plants in the student garden, at last check, were not doing as well. The heavy rain was particularly hard on the new plants, and there have been some problems with bugs chewing the leaves of the tomato plants. We are hopeful the situation improves and they pull through.

Brandon Seay is joining the project with the students in an official capacity. His experience with what GGC currently has to offer in the way of gardening, future plans for the garden, and ideas that have been generated over the years for community outreach related to the garden will be particularly useful for the grant writing process as well.

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