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2/22/2018 Meeting Minutes

Analytical Instrumentation FLC – 2/22/2018 Meeting Notes


Members Present:

Chantelle Anfuso

Ajay Mallia

Xiaoping Li

Sharon Guan

Simon Mwongela

Sang Park

Michelle Huang

Rashad Simmons

Michael Kirberger


  • Two main tasks for our FLC:
    • Writing SOPs for analytical instrumentation
    • Training workshops on analytical instrumentation
  • Writing SOPs
    • Can we make videos for these?
      • Easier to follow than written SOPs for many faculty and students
      • Can save time when trying to “refresh” on instrument usage
        • Can prevent needing an in-person refresher from a colleague
      • Need to write a script/plan carefully for these
      • Start from a written SOP, then can adapt to make script for the video
      • We could ask GGC’s film crew and/or students to record and edit these
      • This could be second stage (second year) of SOP process
    • Written SOPs
      • Student version and faculty version?
        • Student version – very simple set of instructions
        • Faculty version – more detailed instructions
      • Another way to think about this: basic operation and troubleshooting
      • Also need SOP for data analysis steps
      • Goal:
        • Have basic SOP completed by end of Spring 2018
        • Extend these to more detailed written SOP next year
        • Adapt these to video SOP next year
      • Workshops
        • Set in summer
          • Possible dates: July 13/20/27?
            • All Fridays, so should eliminate/reduce teaching conflicts
          • Could start with workshops for just 2 instruments in Summer 2018, then extend to other instruments in Summer 2019
          • Send survey to faculty to determine which instruments faculty are most interested in
          • Overview of plan for each workshop:
            • Background on technique/theory
            • All attendees can run sample(s)
            • Walk attendees through data analysis
          • Intended audience?
            • Primarily intended for faculty, but STEC students could potentially also attend
  • Need to divide into sub-groups to delegate tasks more efficiently


HPLC Group GC-MS Group ICP-MS Group NMR Group AFM Group
Xiaoping (Lead)



Sang (Lead)


Katy (Lead)


Gillian (Lead)


Neelam (Lead)





  • Ideas for recruiting faculty to participate
    • Compile list of classes that use the instrumentation to encourage faculty to attend workshops
      • Show which instruments each class uses
    • Badging initiative?
  • Timeline:
    • SOPs
      • Have basic SOPs completed by the end of April
    • Workshops
      • March 12 – Send out survey to faculty to determine (1) what instruments and (2) which dates faculty prefer
      • Plan at least 2 workshops in Summer 2018 based on faculty interest
        • Might repeat them if time conflicts for some faculty
      • Purchases
        • Try to request anything we need by April 9 (last LRSC meeting of Spring 2018)
      • Next meeting: March 22
        • Discuss faculty responses to survey
        • Select two instruments for workshops
        • Select workshop dates
        • Discuss progress on SOPs


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