Where do you find inspiration? By doing yoga or meditating?  Going for a peaceful walk in nature?  Or through others who have done something amazing with their life?

Last May, this group found inspiration at the GGC SST STEM Conference.  The Conference was held at a beautiful setting in the hotel at Stone Mountain Park, but the inspiration came from listening to others talk about all of the amazing work they had done with students at GGC in the last year.  We looked at each other and thought “We can do that!” and we formed some new goals for our FLC for the coming year.

New discussions for our FLC include:

(1) Planning TEAS study sessions

(2) Starting a PSI program for the pre-nursing science classes

(3) Writing a case studey to span multiple of our courses

(4) Directly correlating curriculum among courses

Here’s to a great Fall 2018 semester!

Remember these words of wisdom:

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. …