Welcome back!

Welcome back!

Welcome back to a new academic year at GGC.

I was introduced to this Ted talk┬áthrough a colleague’s (Dr.┬áKeith┬áErickson) ┬ápost on social media.Personally, I┬ádo not consider myself top of my class and have definitely missed on some critical experiences┬áduring school. But, a┬ácharacteristic that has got me this far┬áhas been my grit and perseverance, which is one of the reasons why this talk resonates with me.

As I ask myself, “how can I nurture perseverance and grit in┬ámy students?”…the answer seems quite obvious..┬áthe mathematics classroom of course!

Many of the students in the classroom cannot stick with it and persevere to complete a mathematical problem if it involves anything more than 3 steps. And as I have pointed to them many a time, the need to persevere and continue on, they have never seen the importance. May be showing them this talk would be a great place to start this semester.

Thank you for sharing Keith.

Happy first day all!

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