About Me

About Me

As the sun rises through the trees, students learn how to conduct point counts (recording all the birds you hear and see).

Profession: Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, Georgia Gwinnett College

I love teaching and I love learning new things, therefore I have the perfect job for me as a professor of biology. This occupation keeps me engaged in the creative and curious process of science by conducting my research. This job also allows me to share my passion for knowledge with students, encouraging critical thinking so that they, in turn, have a desire to never stop learning.

As a biology professor at GGC, I teach a variety of courses to a variety of student majors. Not only do I instruct biology courses for science majors, but I also teach introductory biology for non-STEM majors. Everyone in all disciplines needs at least a basic understanding of science! In addition to teaching, I collaborate with a couple of my colleagues to conduct research in bird conservation.


  • Ph.D. Poultry Science, Avian Reproductive Endocrinology, University of Georgia
  • B.S. Biological Sciences, University of Georgia
A chilly morning extracting a Brown creeper from a mist net.