About PSI

What is PSI?

Peer Supplemental Instruction (PSI) is an academic support program that hosts peer-led study sessions for students in math and science courses. In this program, students who have previously done well in these courses are hired as PSI Leaders. The PSI Leaders plan and host PSI study sessions 4 – 5 times per week to help students who are currently taking the course. Students can attend as often as they like, and the program is absolutely free!

What does a PSI Study Session look like?

PSI study sessions usually last one hour and are hosted by 1 or 2 PSI Leaders. In a typical PSI session, PSI Leaders have pre-planned activities to help students practice the content they are currently learning in class. PSI Leaders know how difficult the courses can be, so they try to incorporate activities to make this a little more fun and less stressful – working with a partner, playing games, or competing in Kahoot quizzes. They also show students new study techniques so students can study more effectively on their own.

What classes offer PSI?

Currently PSI is offered for the following classes:

BIOL 1107K (Principles of Biology I)

BIOL 1108K (Principles of Biology II)

CHEM 1211K (Principles of Chemistry I)

CHEM 1212K (Principles of Chemistry II)

CHEM 2211K (Organic Chemistry I)

ITEC 2140 (Programming Fundamentals)

MATH 1111 (College Algebra)

MATH 1113 (Pre-calculus)

Who should attend PSI?

Everyone! PSI is for students who feel comfortable in the class but want a little extra practice, and for students who find the class challenging. By working together, with the help of the PSI Leader, everyone can benefit from PSI.

What should I bring to a PSI Study Session?

Your class notes and, if possible, your textbook. It’s important to note that PSI is NOT for doing your homework – the PSI Leaders already have activities planned, so you won’t need your homework assignment. If you’re struggling with a specific topic though, let your PSI Leader know and they can pick an activity to help you!