About Me

About Me

Research Interests

My area of expertise is Experimental Psychology. In graduate school, I focused heavily on cognitive abilities but I was encouraged to spend time learning as much as I could from neuroscience and statistics. My passion is for teaching critical thinking and skepticism. Much of what circulates on social media about brain functioning and cognition makes me want to pull my hair out. I spend quite a bit of class time discussing myths involving the brain.

If you read my publications, I am known for spatial memory research although I have not worked in that area in a few years. I experimented with topics involving the cognitive effects of video games but that research was not fruitful enough to maintain.

These days, I want to focus on memory, attention, perception, and decision-making. Any students or faculty wishing to collaborate with me can e-mail (ahutcheson@ggc.edu).

Favorite Classes

  • Memory
  • Sensation & Perception
  • History & Systems
  • Behavioral Statistics


  • Board Games
  • Dungeons & Dragons (and other tabletop RPGs)
  • Astrophotography